For many families, Labor Day is the last opportunity to take vacations or spend quality time with loved ones before the busyness of the fall season. Regarding the weeks leading up to the holiday weekend, one of the first things that tend to fall through the cracks is our health and nutrition.

Many clients are keen on our newly released monthly mobile memberships to keep their health and wellness a priority and to be at their best come Labor Day weekend. Let’s look at how these memberships could help you prioritize health at significant savings.

Benefits of IV therapy

Oral supplements and diet can still leave nutritional gaps. IV therapy takes all the guesswork of giving your body what it needs. Injected directly into the bloodstream, a high concentration of nutrients and fluids are immediately put to use by your body. With treatment time usually not more than 90 minutes, it can also be one of the most efficient forms of treatment. 

With vitamin IVs such as Hydration or Super NAD Boost treatments, benefits may include: 

  • Sustained all-day energy
  • Reduced headaches 
  • Boosts cognitive function and energy 
  • Strengthened immune system 
  • Improved strength and performance 

The convenience of personalized, in-home mobile IV therapy 

While you could trek to a medical office and sit in a waiting room to receive your IV treatment, PureDropIV members can skip the commute and receive a personalized, in-home mobile drip in by a registered nurse in the comfort of their own home. Mobile IV members get priority scheduling, meaning they can receive treatment on their terms.

Powerful treatments at tremendous savings 

Although PureDropIV clients can access these treatments as non-members, the savings you get with a three-month commitment can be significant. Members with our Premiere tier get access to a monthly Hydration IV at a 35% savings. Members can also customize their treatments with a la carte add-ons such as magnesium and glutathione at a reduced rate. 

On one of the year’s busiest days, a monthly mobile IV membership may be one of the greatest gifts you could get yourself. We’d love to connect and give you any information you need. Book now and see the difference that PureDropIV can make in your life today!