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Mobile Drip Team

Restore optimal health and peak performance when our Mobile Drip Team comes to you!

Our IV Treatment Menu

iv fluids for dehydration

A combination of IV fluids & electrolytes, which act as a great source for fast hydration leaving you feeling restored & energized

PURE-ENERGY-IV-Drip vitamin drip
Energy Boost

A blended combination of IV fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes that boosts energy levels for the long work week ahead

IV Vitamin Therapy

A blended combination of IV fluids, vitamins, and minerals that aids with pain, inflammation, muscle cell recovery, migraines, & cramping


A blended combination of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and medication that cleanses the body and remedies hangover symptoms

Stomach Flu

A blended combination of electrolytes, IV fluids, vitamins, and medication, to quickly help remedy symptoms of the stomach flu

Immune Boost IV Treatment
Immune Boost

Supercharge cognitive function, maximize energy, relieve stress & anxiety, when the age-restoring benefits of NAD+ nourish your body’s cells for maximum effect.

All Inclusive

PUREDROPIV’s “best seller” IV treatment infused with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & a glutathione push for whole-body wellness

Super NAD Boost

A blended combination of IV Fluids, electrolytes, and NAD+, blended to feel more energetic and youthful when age-restoring benefits of NAD works to supercharge cognitive function, maximize energy, and relieve stress & anxiety.