Choose between three tiers of premium memberships to receive exclusive monthly IV therapy directly to you.

Monthly Mobile Memberships


Starting at $219 compared to $249 for non-members

Three tiers of premium memberships to complement a variety of lifestyles and health goals.

Instant Hydration
25% off all add-ons
Priority Booking
Membership Specials
Premium Membership - PureDropIV - Mobile IV Therapy

How It Works

  • Three-Month Commitment
  • No Initial Sign Up Fees
  • Only One Payment per Month
  • One Person per Membership

Select Your Monthly Membership

Why IV Therapy?

IV vitamin supplementation offers 100% absorption. Oral supplements go through the digestive process where an unknown amount of the supplement is lost. Absorption is client-specific and can be affected by factors such as acute and chronic illnesses, stress, physical activity level, genetics, and more.

Why a Monthly Mobile Membership?

Our Monthly Mobile Memberships are a great way to save on your regularly scheduled IV therapy appointments. Save up to 50% on select memberships while complementing your health and lifestyle goals.

How is my membership customizable?

It’s simple! Choose your tier of membership based on your goals, and visit our vitamin add-ons menu. When one of our registered nurses comes to your office, house, or location of choice, simply let our registered nurse know and we’ll create a custom drip just for you.

Can I apply my membership to a group?

The purchase of each membership applies to one person. Discounts, membership specials, and priority booking will be applied to the membership holder only.

Can I cancel anytime?

After your 3-month commitment you may cancel your membership anytime! Cancelation notice must be given 28 days prior to your renewal date. Cancelation notice can be given by emailing