Maximize Athletic Performance


    • NAD is a cofactor for enzymes that synthesize proteins in cells. Without it, you can’t repair or build new muscle tissue and may experience impaired immune system function and excessive oxidative damage to DNA.
    • NAD IV therapy has become increasingly popular for athletes looking to boost their ability to perform in training and on game-day. Some benefits include improved muscle function after intense exercise, faster recovery times, enhanced focus and endurance.
    • NAD is available in many dietary supplements, but is most effective when safely administered intravenously with a low risk of side effects and faster results as compared to oral supplements.
    • NAD IV therapy delivered directly to you is the most efficient and effective way to boost energy, maximize endurance, and improve overall athletic performance.
    • PureDropIV’s Mobile Drip Team Registered Nurses are highly trained medical professionals with exceptional backgrounds in clinical care settings to deliver their clients with the utmost level of care during a care at-home appointment.

    Athletes looking to excel and reach peak performance, NAD therapy could be just the key to unlock energy levels that will enhance athleticism and provide detoxification benefits.

    What Is NAD & How Does It Work?

    Every human cell – from the cells that form our brains to those in other parts of the body – contains its own set of mitochondrial DNA. Unfortunately, these can be damaged by an array of toxins and infections resulting in a decrease in energy production capacity; however niacinamide backed with powerful antioxidant properties has been proven to promote more ATP molecules which effectively boost cellular efficiency. NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is the revolutionary supplement that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle. Its scientifically-backed benefits include increased energy levels, enhanced athletic performance, boosted metabolism, reduced inflammation and discomfort – all of which work in harmony to help you maintain optimum vitality quickly.

    NAD is the key to unlocking a remarkable transformation. This revolutionary substance has been scientifically verified to rev up metabolism, diminish inflammation and pain, and optimize cognitive capacity – all leading you towards achieving peak physical health in record time!

    In essence, NAD is a substance that helps your body turn food into energy. It also helps with other things like keeping your nervous system healthy and making sure your DNA works right. NAD for athletes can help people who exercise a lot recover more quickly from being tired and it might help them have more energy when they exercise. Some people take NAD as part of a plan to help them recover more quickly, have more energy, or to help with feeling tired from too much exercise.

    How NAD Maximizes Athletic Performance

    Research is continuously being conducted to unearth the full potential of NAD in our bodies. It’s clear, though, that if your body holds high concentrations of this key molecule, not only will you experience a boost in athleticism and feel younger; but also benefit from more efficient fat-burning capabilities as well as greater metabolic rates while breaking down carbs and amino acids into energy. The advantages may extend even further!

    Elite athletes can dramatically upgrade their performance levels by taking regular doses of NAD+. Regular supplementation of NAD, may show improvements in areas such as:

    Performance Recovery

    NAD has been scientifically proven to be an effective tool in helping athletes get back on their feet faster than usual. By reducing muscle soreness, NAD helps athletes to quickly gain traction to peak performance faster than ever before.

    Muscle Strength

    NAD supplementation offers an easy way to take your strength training up a notch. With heightened NAD levels, you can achieve muscle strengthening quicker and more efficiently than ever before!

    Boosted Endurance

    With elevated NAD levels, your body is revved up for maximum fuel efficiency: turn food into energy faster and longer than usual!

    NAD IV Therapy

    NAD IV therapy is a revolutionary treatment that gives your body cells the energy they need to revitalize and regenerate. By providing pure NAD, this state-of-the-art regimen can help reduce the signs of aging by optimizing metabolic function for you to feel younger and healthier! Intravenous NAD delivery offers unparalleled efficiency, ensuring maximum potency and swiftness to cells. Bypassing digestion means that much more of the crucial nutrient is made available in a shorter time frame compared to tablet or syrup consumption methods. Providing NAD through a vein bypasses the digestive system and gets straight into the bloodstream, where it can help support athletic performance ( and combat fatigue.

    NAD IV therapy has become increasingly popular for athletes looking to boost their ability to perform in training and on game day. Always consult your physician if you’re considering this treatment to make sure it is compatible with any other treatments you may be receiving.

    Contents of a NAD IV Treatment?

    At PureDropIV, understanding a client’s unique needs is paramount. Each initial session starts with an individual assessment by our registered nurses to determine the best course of NAD IV Therapy for you. The base formula includes 1000mL sterile saline solution and up to 250mg of NAD; however, supplement increments may be recommended in follow-up appointments so that athletes can elevate their performance while mitigating fatigue symptoms over time. By choosing PureDropIV – treatments come straight to your desired location.

    Unlocking peak potential has never been easier or more accessible from high quality care providers like us!

    NAD infusions, accompanied by a balanced electrolyte solution to improve absorption, are just the beginning. Alternating these with IV Vitamin therapy provides your body with key essentials for energy production and health – such as B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, & Zinc. When you ensure that all essential vitamins and minerals necessary for peak performance are available in sufficient quantity it will contribute significantly towards improved endurance and results.

    Simply put, athletes or those seeking a transformational health journey should consider using NAD IV therapy for the benefits of:

    • Boosted energy & stamina Relieves inflammation Reduces oxidative stress
    • Enhanced focus & faster recovery Improved muscle function
    • Absorbed at 100% for immediate use

    PureDropIV: Ready to Supercharge Athletic Performance with NAD IV Therapy?

    As we age, our brains begin to lose their capabilities and energy levels decline. NAD plays an important role in maintaining the brain’s function and focus as well as boosting athletic performance! Although these vital compounds may dwindle over time, IV treatments can restore them back to normal – but they don’t come cheap. Fortunately, PureDropIV’s Mobile Drip Team of highly trained registered nurses come to you to provide in-home NAD IV therapy for your convenience.
    Avoid traffic, skip the in office visit, and simply relax when everything comes to you in the comfort of your home for treatment. Call or text us at 571-461-1700 to learn more or start your NAD journey now by requesting an appointment below.
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