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    • NAD is a remarkable coenzyme found in every living cell, with the power to transform food into energy for cells and safeguard their DNA from harm. It’s an amazing molecule that keeps our bodies running strong!
    • As we get older, our bodies start to struggle with producing the energytransforming enzymes that let us make use of what we eat. Fortunately, certain foods can help restore these essential levels for optimum conversion of food into energy – though supplements tend to be even more effective!
    • The most popular form of NAD supplementation is NAD IV therapy, which involves administering an intravenous infusion of NAD directly into the vein. Infusions are most effective because they bypass the liver, where much of the natural NAD supply is used before being distributed throughout the body.
    • Research suggests NAD may prevent aging by reducing reactive oxygen species in cells. These harmful byproducts are caused by normal cellular respiration and other processes, such as ionizing radiation.
    • As we age or become ill, our ability to produce enough NAD declines. This decline is one of several reasons aging individuals are more susceptible to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s.

    NAD is a coenzyme that performs vital functions for our cells, such as facilitating energy production and DNA repair. As we age, NAD levels drop – something to consider when it comes to understanding the causes of chronic fatigue or cognitive dysfunction.

    Aging vs. NAD

    As we age, our cells become less capable of repairing the damage caused by free radicals. This oxidative stress damages proteins, lipids, and DNA in the cell. The accumulation of damage leads to the aging process. One major ingredient that can help counteract this process is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).

    NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells that plays a key role in converting food into energy for the cell’s mitochondria and protecting cells and their DNA from damage. NAD is a dynamic coenzyme found in all mammals that helps enzymes carry out essential cellular functions. It exists in two forms, NAD+ and its reduced form, NADH – the body’s most powerful antioxidant! Where energy transfer comes into play with NAD+, it’s role as an antioxidant makes use of the beneficial properties of reducing free radicals within our bodies, thanks to its supercharged cousin: NHDH! Scientists have discovered the potential for a radical shift in our understanding of aging: NAD! By increasing NAD levels via supplementation, the body can work to reverse signs of age-related decline and restore cells to a younger state.

    The age-reversal process can add exciting benefits such as increased athletic potential, improved cognitive performance, enhanced mood and faster drug rehabilitation outcomes. With a simple tweak of chemistry, youth could again be within reach!

    What Causes NAD levels to diminish?

    Faster aging Impaired brain function Increased fatigue Physical frailty The aging process is complex, with many factors contributing to its development. In general, aging can be thought of as the gradual accumulation of damage in the body’s cells and tissues. One major factor is what is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when our bodies cannot produce enough antioxidants to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that react aggressively with other molecules they come into contact with, leading to wear and tear on cells and tissues over time. To fight oxidative stress, our bodies rely on molecules known as antioxidants, which have a positive charge that allows them to neutralize free radicals. Unfortunately, we cannot produce enough antioxidants to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals. To stave off aging, we need more antioxidants.

    NAD levels naturally decrease as we age, leaving us at risk for diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. By supplementing our diet with NAD boosters we can increase the natural production of NAD enzymes which help keep us young by slowing down cellular aging and minimize free radical damage. NAD is also an important regulator of signaling pathways involved in cell survival, differentiation, aging, and death. A chronic shortage of NAD can lead to metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or muscular dystrophy. Some common risks associated with low NAD may include:

    • Faster aging
    • Impaired brain function
    • Increased fatigue
    • Physical frailty

    What is NAD IV Therapy?

    NAD+ levels are essential to maintain cell function in your body, yet they often need replenishing. This is important for anti-aging and longevity because it helps reduce reactive oxygen species that cause DNA damage. Restoring cells with a NAD supplement is critical to ensuring the body functions at optimal levels. But why take a pill, when you can supercharge your cells quickly and efficiently through IV NAD therapy? NAD+ IV therapy is a revolutionary new way to get the purest form of the essential substance directly into your bloodstream! IV therapy bypasses traditional ingestion methods such as oral supplements or pills, which often don’t take full effect due to stomach acid interference. Given this cutting-edge approach, bioavailability is increased resulting in enhanced benefits so you can refuel faster than ever before.

    How Can NAD IV Therapy Improve Anti-Aging and Longevity?

    While aging can’t truly be reversed, it’s possible to slow it down through lifestyle changes such as eating well, getting enough sleep, and staying physically active. Adequate consumption of NAD can also help slow aging by repairing DNA damage in cells.

    NAD IV Therapy for Youthful Energy IV

    NAD helps to recharge and jumpstart your body’s energy production. By optimizing the efficiency of cellular mitochondria, it provides increased power for cells – effectively delivering a jolt of vigor and vitality from head-to-toe!

    NAD IV Therapy for Sharp Cognitive Function

    NAD IV therapy is the key to unlocking your brain’s full potential. By replenishing cellular energy levels, this cutting-edge treatment helps improve memory recall, attention span and overall mental clarity, so you can enjoy sharper focus throughout the day! Plus, it increases well-being by promoting longterm improvements in cognitive functioning and supporting healthy brain activity.

    NAD IV Therapy for Muscle Strength & Composition

    Maturity in age and physical activity can weaken muscle over time. This decline in muscle health is caused by low NAD levels which stop mitochondria from supplying enough energy for the cells.

    NAD+ IV therapy restores low-level deficiency and improves the body’s muscular system. This can lead to a stronger and more vigorous life.

    NAD IV Therapy for Combating Disease & Illness

    Cells are the foundation of our bodies and when they start to malfunction, cellular defects occur and can lead to serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or cancer. NAD+ IV therapy intravenously restores this powerful coenzyme directly into the bloodstream with 100% bioavailability to help restore balance in cells and reverse these negative effects. IV NAD has potential of stopping chronic health conditions from blossoming into life-altering events.

    NAD IV Therapy for Supercharged Immunity

    NAD IV therapy is a great resource that is essential to boosting immunity and improving defenses against infection. By increasing cellular oxygen intake, NAD+ helps reduce the chances of recurrent illness from autoimmune diseases or low immune system functioning.

    What to Expect from a NAD IV Treatment?

    Discover the power of NAD Anti Aging IV therapy with PureDropIV! Our registered nurses evaluate each client to craft an individualized plan designed for maximum benefit. Whether it is your first time or a follow up, our team supports you through every step – from administering 1000mL of hydrating saline solution and 250mg of NAD as part of our base formula to gradually increasing dosage over multiple visits. As regular treatment can improve cognitive function, reach optimal health and even enhance longevity; experience greater quality life today with PureDropIV!

    How Long Does a NAD IV Treatment Take?

    Think of anti-aging NAD treatment as a journey; it’s not just one stop, but rather an in-depth exploration toward your ultimate goal. A typical treatment plan consists of multiple visits with a PureDropIV Mobile Drip Team nurse that comes directly to you for treatment. Service administration can last from two to three hours per visit over several weeks.

    Where Can I Receive NAD IV Treatment?

    PureDropIV is ready to take your anti-aging NAD+ IV therapy wherever you need it! We’ll come right to you, whether that’s in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel. Our only requirement? That there be an undisturbed space where we can set up and administer the treatment. With PureDropIV as your ally, rest assured that getting rejuvenating care has never been more convenient than with our team of Mobile Drip Team nurses!

    How Frequent Should I Book NAD IV Therapy for Anti-Aging?

    NAD+ IV treatments are an advanced form of anti-aging therapy, designed to help the body’s cells restore their youthful vibrancy. At PureDropIV, we offer optimal NAD therapy for anti aging plans that can be taken over a number of weeks – allowing your body time to gradually absorb these molecules and begin rebalancing cellular processes along the way. After completion of one course, you may choose to repeat it at an appropriate later date for continued benefits.

    PureDropIV: How Does an At-Home NAD IV Therapy Appointment Work with PureDropIV?


    An at-home NAD IV therapy appointment with PureDropIV provides a fast, easy, and effective way to receive an intravenous infusion. We’ll come to your home or office with all the necessary equipment for an at-home therapy session. With at-home infusions, you can improve your NAD levels from your home without having to worry about traveling to appointments. The comfort and convenience of PureDropIV’s at-home NAD infusions are why it’s becoming more and more popular.

    If you’re ready to book an appointment or have questions regarding how it works, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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