5 Ways IV NAD in Springfield, VA, Can Improve Cognitive Function and Memory Loss

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Maintaining peak cognitive function and preventing memory loss is crucial for overall quality of life. Clear thinking and a healthy memory allow individuals to stay sharp and on top of their responsibilities, which is why many people are turning to NAD for brain health to improve these aspects of their mental health. 

Let’s cover five ways NAD IV therapy may be a strong option for you to consider regarding your cognitive health.

1. Boosts Energy

Increased energy is one way that NAD IV therapies enhance cognitive function. The coenzyme NAD, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a component of the body that is essential for synthesizing energy. Low NAD levels can cause fatigue and difficulty concentrating. In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, intravenous NAD administration increased energy and mental clarity, according to a study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry. 

2. Enhances Mood

Enhancing mood is another way NAD IV therapy can improve cognitive function. Since depression and anxiety are conditions associated with low NAD levels, increasing NAD through IV treatments can help lift mood and lessen the effects of these illnesses. In patients with depression, one study showed that intravenous NAD treatment significantly reduced symptoms.

3. Improves Memory

Treatments with NAD IV can also help with memory loss. NAD is essential for the creation and maintenance of memories. Memory performance may be hampered when NAD levels are low. IV treatments that increase NAD can help to enhance memory and stop further memory loss.

4. Increases Brain Plasticity

NAD IV therapy can also increase brain plasticity, which refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to new experiences. This is important for learning and memory. A study found that NAD plays a role in regulating brain plasticity and that increasing NAD through supplementation can improve cognitive function.

5. Protects Against Brain Cells

NAD IV therapy can also protect brain cells from damage and death, leading to improved cognitive function. NAD has neuroprotective effects and can help protect against brain cell death in conditions such as stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Getting NAD IV Therapy Near Me

Springfield residents can get the best NAD IV therapy treatments without commuting to a medical office or clinic. Get ready to revolutionize your life with an intravenous NAD+ infusion treatment in the comfort of your own home. 

At PureDropIV, our highly trained and experienced registered nurses are specialty trained for administering this advanced therapy to help you achieve optimal wellbeing without ever leaving the house! Relax under a warm blanket while they administer it – or if you’re on-the-go, we can come right to where you need us – hotels, worksites…you name it! Give us a call today at 571-461-1700 and learn more about how easy and safe NAD IV infusion treatments can be—or request an appointment online now so that wellness comes straight to YOU!

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