B12 Infusion Benefits for Workout Recovery

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Maintaining your health can be exhausting. From long workouts to strict nutrition, the routine to stay healthy requires patience and discipline. Regarding physical activity, recovery is as important as the workouts themselves. If you don’t allow enough time for recovery, the aftermath could result in a serious injury, derailing your health goals. If this sounds like something you can relate to, you may consider implementing IV therapy with a B12 Infusion into your workout/health routines. 

IV therapy is the intravenous administration of medication and vitamins that can aid in feeling energized and hydrated. One of the most popular IV drips is B12 infusions, which can help with weight loss and aid the body’s recovery from intense workouts. 

Benefits of B12

B12 helps the body produce red blood cells and optimize proper nerve function. When injected into the body, B12 infusions may include benefits such as: 

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Boosted metabolism 
  • Help with weight loss
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Aids the body in recovery from workouts and illness 

These can greatly assist an individual’s health and are a great addition to a workout routine. B12 can even be used pre-workout to prepare the body for intense physical workouts or competitions as they repair damaged nerves and promote a quicker recovery afterward.

How to use a Vitamin B12 Infusion with IV therapy

While you can receive a b12 shot, treatment administered through an IV drip has become increasingly popular. Often mixed with a host of other essential vitamins and minerals in a saline solution, a b12 IV provides additional benefits, including ensuring your body is properly hydrated, which is crucial for proper recovery. 

Regarding timing, many people opt to get IV treatments every 3-4 days as a powerful post-workout recovery tool. If you’re interested in scheduling your own IV to help you feel your best, book now and see the difference that PureDropIV can make in your life today! 

Everyone is different, and consulting with a knowledgeable team before using B12 infusions in your recovery routine is important. Our team at PureDropIV would be happy to guide you in finding the best in-home IV treatments for your health goals.