Best Vitamins on Our a La Carte Menu for Summer

Mobile IV Therapy, Weight Loss

Warm summer months are often the time when many of us place a greater emphasis on our health and wellness. It’s an ideal time to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to thrive. Vitamin IV is one of the best ways to achieve better wellness goals.

To operate at their best, a growing number of our clients are utilizing PureDropIV’s a la cart menu of nutrient add-ons to supercharge their IV treatments for the summer. Let’s look at some of the best ones. 

Vitamin C 

With large numbers of social gatherings and festivities, many are ensuring their immune system is rock solid with the addition of vitamin C. An antioxidant known for its ability to cleanse the body of free radicals, it’s become an essential component to operating at peak immunity. 

Benefits of vitamin C may include: 

  • Stress management and reduction in stress-related diseases 
  • Fewer colds
  • Reduced risk of stroke 
  • Improvement to skin 

Glutathione vitamin IV

While the body can produce this antioxidant, levels can drop as we age or due to underlying conditions. Since it’s important to many factors related to reduced signs of aging metabolism, it’s a great addition to any summertime IV treatment. 

Benefits of glutathione in an IV treatment may include: 

  • Reduced oxidative stress 
  • Increased insulin sensitivity aiding in metabolism and fat loss
  • Reduces cell damage 
  • Helps manage diabetes 
  • Slows the signs of aging 

Magnesium vitamin IV 

This powerful nutrient is vital for both the mind and body. While it can be found in various foods, it’s often not in the amount that the body requires to run at its best. Letting one of our registered nurses incorporate it into one of your summertime IV treatments could provide benefits such as energy creation, improved protein synthesis, increased muscle strength, and improvements to the nervous system. A magnesium add-on may be anti-inflammatory, improve sleep and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, all especially important during a busy summer. 

It’s no wonder so many look forward to summer each year. Utilizing PureDropIV’s a la carte menu could be the added boost your mobile IV treatments need to take advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures. 

Contact our office if you’d like to set up a personalized in-home treatment or have any questions. Book now and see the difference that PureDropIV can make in your life today!