Washington DC Residents are Combating Grass Pollen this Summer

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Many people look with anticipation for the summer months to arrive. From warmer weather and longer days to more time spent outdoors, there is a lot to like when the month of June rolls around. While there are a lot of positives about the season, grass pollen and summer allergies are not one of them. Some allergies can be so severe that they can prevent individuals from being able to enjoy the outdoors. In some cases, it can even make indoor living unbearable. Fortunately, when you find IV Infusion therapy near you, it can help alleviate your suffering.

Symptoms of allergies and grass pollen

Summer allergies occur with exposure to airborne irritants like grass pollen. This causes the immune system to create antibodies as if it were trying to fight off an infection. 

This results in allergic reactions like itchy, runny nose, puffy eyes, coughing, itchy skin, wheezing, and fatigue. 

How to combat grass pollen and seasonal allergies 

Beyond over-the-counter allergy medication, injections, or prescribed medication, more and more in Washington, DC, are turning to IV infusion therapy as an effective defense against grass pollen. 

Not only does IV therapy alleviate allergy symptoms, but it also provides building blocks your body can use to boost your immune system at the same time. 

How IV therapy alleviates grass pollen symptoms 

A lot of the allergic reactions people experience are tied to triggered inflammation responses. Treatments such as our Pure Immunity can provide anti-inflammatory nutrients and vitamins like B12, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Plus, the saline helps to rehydrate the body from the dehydrating effects allergies can have. All of this combines for a very effective defense against grass pollen. 

How to get IV infusion therapy near me 

While you could visit a local IV clinic for treatment, Washington DC residents have the incredibly convenient option of receiving IV treatment at home. Using a service like our on-demand concierge IV therapy gives you the flexibility of having a medical professional come to your home or office to perform an IV treatment at a time most convenient for you. 

Whether it’s combatting grass pollen or getting over stomach flu so you can get back out into the DC summer weather, our team would love to talk with you about how IV therapy can help you. Please call our office so we can go over your options.