Concierge IV: PureDropIV is Better than Ever

Mobile IV Therapy

As the premier on-demand concierge IV therapy company in northern Virginia, PureDropIV has gained the trust of its clients through a relentless dedication to providing the best in drip therapy care. This pursuit leads our team to continually re-evaluate, refine and optimize every aspect of our client’s IV therapy experience. Because of this, we are excited to declare that PureDropIV is now better than ever.

A team dedicated to an unmatched customer experience 

Who administers your treatments plays a major factor in your experience. From “sticking it“ right the first time to best client treatment practices, our team is continually trained in the latest techniques and methods to ensure absolute comfort and efficiency during our time with you. 

Cutting edge formulations for our concierge IV solutions 

Many clients have seen tremendous results receiving our proprietary IV treatments. Our Pure Recovery and Pure Immunity treatments have been game-changers for many. However, we don’t allow past success to prevent us from refining, improving, and making sure our formulations are on the cutting edge of the latest medical data available. While others may be content with providing treatments based on years-old research, our dedication to excellence ensures our clients are getting the absolute best. 

An expanded portfolio of services and treatments

To better serve our clients, PureDropIV now offers more services than ever before. We’ve expanded our line of proprietary treatments to cover a wide range of needs, including hangovers, anti-aging, and optimal immunity. 

Have a unique event or would like to receive therapy with a group of your friends? We are now set up to be able to provide top-level IV therapy treatment in settings such as wedding parties, conventions, athletic competitions, group drip parties, and corporate retreats. 

With PureDropIV’s constant evolution, saying we are better than ever is not hyperbole; it’s how we’ve built our culture to make sure that you, our client, can be confident in the level of treatment we provide you. 

We hope to continue to build on that trust and discuss more ways we can help you reach your health goals. Feel free to call our office to see how the PureDropIV experience can become your experience.