Does your IV Therapy Experience Have the Right Ingredients?

Hangover, Immunity, Mobile IV Therapy

When you opt for IV therapy, you want to make sure that your experience is a good one. At PureDropIV therapy, we believe each of our clients deserves a safe, comfortable, beneficial IV infusion. We have a few guidelines for making sure this happens.

1 – The Right Match

Not all IV therapy options are the same. The base of each IV infusion is a sterile saline solution for hydration that offers 100% absorption. But from there, we offer a range of IV infusions that address a variety of concerns. After all, an athlete looking to maintain peak performance will need a different combination of vitamins and nutrients than the celebrator who needs a cure for their hangover. For the best results, match your needs to the vitamin IV drip solution that matches your needs.

2 – The Right Location

A concierge IV drip therapy service needs to do more than simply show up. A quiet space helps to make the most of your IV therapy experience. The space should have comfortable seating and dimmer lighting options. 

3 – The Right Provider

Some IV therapy providers use people with minimal training to administer the IV infusion. An experienced RN is ideal for an optimal experience. With years of training, an RN can make sure that the vitamin IV therapy is safe and smooth. 

4 – The Right Combination

The human body requires a delicate balance to keep going. When we are low on vitamins, nutrients or hydration, we suffer. A good IV therapy will combine the correct amounts of these crucial elements to get your body to where it needs to be for your well-being. 

5 – The Right Practices

It goes without saying that safety is critical to a good IV infusion experience. From strict COVID-19 protocols using the latest information from reputable sources to the highest quality equipment, the IV drip process should add to your health not put it at risk. 

At PureDropIV, we pride ourselves on mixing the right combination of services and technology to make sure that your IV therapy is optimal. Whether you are looking for an individual or group experience, our concierge services will come to you. Contact us to learn more about our many offerings.