Energizing Your New Year

Energy, Immunity, Mobile IV Therapy

Between short days, cold weather, and the holidays, many people hit January with less energy than they’d like. Just when it seems the time to kick into high gear and work on those new year’s resolutions, feelings of sluggishness, fatigue, and low concentration get in the way. A PureDropIV Pure Energy IV therapy treatment might be just what’s needed to reboot, revitalize, and launch into a powerful 2022. 

Causes of Low Energy

Fatigue has a variety of causes, many of which are in play in January. Human bodies prefer a regular schedule, and short winter days and holidays usually throws off the body’s circadian rhythm through travel, celebrations, and gatherings that alter normal sleep patterns, leading to fatigue. Holiday meals are tasty, but often a little low on the vitamins and nutrients our bodies crave, which is another source of tiredness. The emotional intensity of the holidays also wears the body down. Finally, dehydration is a major culprit, and the last thing most people are doing during the holidays is paying attention to this important factor. 

Fast Relief

An IV boost of Pure Energy hits the body’s system with an instant influx of ingredients designed for a major boost. A proprietary combination of vitamins and nutrients, and the addition of instant hydration hits the system with a powerful infusion that can have an immediate effect on fatigue. IV therapy bypasses digestive enzymes that may interfere with absorption, accelerating the body’s receipt of this energizing combination and assuring a greater impact. 

Instead of dragging through January, take charge of your year with a boost through the PureDropIV Pure Energy IV treatment. Our concierge services will come to you to administer IV therapy in the Greater Washington Area in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel, or office. Contact us today to schedule your kickstart for your New Year.