Plan a Healthy and Fun Holiday Party

Hangover, Mobile IV Therapy

The holidays are a wonderful time, full of gatherings of all sorts. Events for work, friends or family happen throughout the coming months. With health concerns on everyone’s mind figuring out ways to celebrate without regret may be a priority. Traditional office holiday parties can get out of hand, and planning for activities for out-of-town guests can be a challenge. For a fun alternative to the same old ice skating, why not try something new? An IV drip party may be just the ticket to a good time that’s good for everyone participating.

How Does an IV Party Work?

With the right service provider, an IV drip party can happen at home, a hotel, or the office. Medical professionals will come to the selected location with IV supplies for the entire group. Using advanced techniques and proprietary blends, members of the group will each receive a course of treatment. It’s as easy as calling to book, a Registered Nurse arrives, and everyone drips into the holiday’s feeling great.

The Health Benefits of an IV Drip

PureDropIV offers multiple special blends, designed to address a variety of health and wellness issues. These include immunity boosts, athletic performance, aging and a hangover cure. The IV drip process causes a 100% absorption rate, ensuring that the full benefits of the IV drip goes right where it’s needed. Each IV drip also addresses hydration, which is a major health benefit regardless of the specific blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes included.

Give the People that Matter a Wellness Boost

Whether it’s a team building exercise, a family gathering or a group of friends, try to incorporate a healthy alternative to the usual eggnog, fruitcake and hot toddies. As part of a larger party, consider setting up a Mobile Recovery Room where people can take care of themselves and get back to the fun. When it comes time to celebrate, give the gift of better health.

PureDropIV is a concierge IV therapy company that offers an exciting array of IV options for its clients. We will travel to your location for individuals or group IV drip parties. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling your holiday wellness fun.