How to Get a Hydration IV Treatment in Arlington, VA

Arlington VA, Mobile IV Therapy

When operating at peak health and performance, fewer things are more beneficial than proper hydration. Although the old advice of eight glasses of water per day may be better than nothing, medical professionals are discovering that this amount may be far less than what we need to be at our best. 

A recent survey estimates that nearly three-quarters of the American population suffers from dehydration. 

Left untreated, improper hydration can cause issues including: 

  • Dizziness and lightheadedness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Dryness of the eyes, lips, and mouth 
  • Diminished cognitive function 
  • Irritability

Determining how much water you need can be a challenge. Not only is it time-consuming to gauge just how much you need based on age, activity level, and climate, but drinking the required amount of water may not be practical for some. 

 For this reason, many Arlington, VA residents are turning to mobile IV treatment to combat dehydration.

What is IV therapy? 

A lot can get lost on its way through our digestive system. When it comes to water, can also cause discomfort. Mobile drips are the most effective delivery system to quickly give your body what it needs.

Injected directly into the bloodstream, powerful formulations such as energy IV therapy, hangover IV therapy, and hydration IV therapies bypass the digestive system entirely, providing nutrients that are 100% bioavailable. 

In the case of hydration IV therapy, high fluids and electrolytes flood your bloodstream, helping to bring your body back to healthy hydration levels. Consistent hydration IV therapy can produce benefits such as improved energy, increased focus, and improved mood. 

How to get IV therapy near me

Arlington residents can receive this powerful IV drip in the comfort of their own homes or office with mobile IV therapy. Rather than travel to a medical clinic or IV center, a medical professional will come to you with everything needed to provide a customized IV therapy experience. 

We’d love to discuss how IV therapy can help address your individual needs. Reach out to our team; we would be happy to share your options and get you started toward restored hydration.