How to Get a Stomach Flu IV Treatment in Arlington, VA

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It’s never fun to come down with the stomach flu.  Also known as Norovirus, the stomach flu can wreak havoc on your immune system and cause symptoms that may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, muscle aches, and low-grade fever. 

The good news is that some things can be done to help you get past the stomach flu and reduce symptoms while speeding up recovery. It’s why so many in Arlington, VA, have turned to things like Stomach Flu IV treatments to help get back to their regular lives. 

What is stomach flu IV therapy?

IV therapy is one of the most effective delivery systems for getting fluids and nutrients into the body. Injected straight into the bloodstream, a stomach flu IV treatment rushes your body with a high concentration of fluids, vitamin C, and zinc, essential for recovery and immune system function. 

Because it bypasses the digestive system, these nutrients are 100% bioavailable, allowing your system to put everything to work immediately. The addition of Zofran helps provide relief from nausea and vomiting, preventing any further irritation to your digestive system. 

Receiving an IV treatment after experiencing illness may provide tremendous relief from common stomach flu symptoms. Recovery without an IV treatment can take between 48 hours and ten days. Stomach flu IV therapy may speed up your recovery time, allowing your body to get essential nutrients and hydration without burdening the digestive system. 

How to get a stomach flu IV treatment in Arlington, VA

The last thing you want to do when you begin experiencing symptoms of the stomach flu is drive to a medical office or IV clinic. Thankfully, PureDropIV’s Mobile Drip Team registered nurses deliver treatment directly to your doorstep in Northern Virginia. Arlington, VA residents can experience the power of IV therapy in the comfort of their homes or office. Combining this powerful therapy with the convenience of an in-home experience is always a great option. 

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