Getting Vitamin C in Your IV Therapy Session

Mobile IV Therapy, Vitamin C

Few nutrients are more beneficial than vitamin c when it comes to ensuring our body operates at peak performance. Because of its involvement in multiple processes, our bodies must have access to all it needs. Find out how you can get a Vitamin C boost in your next IV Therapy session.

Benefits of Vitamin C 

While most known for its immune-boosting benefits, vitamin c is essential for forming blood vessels and collagen, building muscle tissue, iron absorption, and wound healing. 

The challenge is our bodies don’t produce it, meaning it has to come from what we consume. Unfortunately, our modern diets consist of heavily processed, nutrient-deficient foods. 

Many people will try and take oral supplements to fill in the gaps. The problem is that nutrient absorption can be hit or miss. This is why many people ditch oral supplements in favor of IV therapy.

The Beauty of Vitamin IVs 

Vitamin therapy via an IV is the only way to take the mystery out of how much your body has access to. Boasting 100% bioavailability, an IV drip immediately ensures that your body has access to what it needs.

The good news is that vitamin C is a key ingredient in many PureDropIV formulations. In addition to vitamin c, you get the added benefits of other ingredients and the hydration of the saline in a single sitting. 

Our PureDropIV Immune Boost IV has the ideal combination of vitamin C and other immune-boosting nutrients for those looking for an edge for their immune system. Spent late-night drinking and socializing? The Hangover IV has powerful ingredients, including vitamin c, to get you over hangover symptoms faster. 

Getting IV Therapy Near Me 

The beauty of an IV therapy session is that you no longer have to trek to an IV clinic or wellness spa to get your vitamin drip. Instead, many are discovering the incredible convenience of concierge mobile IV therapy. 

With this in-home treatment option, our team dispatches a medical professional to your home or office and administers your vitamin therapy on-site. It’s no wonder this has become the preferred option for so many. 

We’d love to discuss what IV treatments may best suit your health goals. If you’re interested in scheduling your own IV to help you feel your best, book now and see the difference that PureDropIV can make in your life today!