Kickstart Your Wellness in the New Year 

Energy, Immunity, Mobile IV Therapy

Health and wellness are all the more important these days, and a good way to ring in the new year the right way is with a boost to your system with an IV drip therapy treatment. Getting off to a good start in the New Year should be more than resolutions that fade with your recovery from a wild New Year’s Eve. And speaking of recovering, a mobile IV hangover recovery session is just the boost your system could use after a night of festivities. 

New Year’s Eve delivers a wallop to your system. After weeks of parties with rich food and ample drink, this cap on the holidays involves another late night and adds champagne into the mix. The joy of bubbly is its tart flavor and signature effervescence. Both of these are due to a high alcohol content that works its way into your system more quickly than flatter members of the wine family. Champagne also has a particularly high sugar content, which makes for a quick high, craving for more, and a particularly tough day after. Add to that the late-night, and your body is going to be tired, dehydrated, and ready for some TLC come morning. 

The ideal solution to a New Year’s hangover is a new year’s IV drip. Packed with the ingredients your body is craving, a mobile hangover recovery is the best gift you can offer yourself on January first. A concierge service that comes to you in the privacy and quiet of your home or hotel. You can try to get the same ingredients through water, aspirin, vitamin pills, and healthy foods, but IV therapy has the advantage of 100% absorption, unlike things that need to go through your digestive system. This means you will be getting instant relief and faster recovery.

But why stop with a hangover treatment? PureDropIV offers other therapeutic infusions that can address your unique needs. From immunity boosts to energy, beauty, or weight loss, you can pair your New Year’s resolution with action. Our team at PureDropIV is standing by to help you achieve your personal goals for the coming year. Don’t wait until you are feeling the effects, contact us today to schedule your mobile IV hangover treatment today.