Your B12 Shot: Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Summer Immunity

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Summer is a great time of year for many people. The sun’s out, the pools are open, and the best part is it’s time to go on vacation. However, despite how busy it can get, paying attention to your health is still important. Have you ever felt as rundown after a long day as you in the summer? Chances are that you’re so exhausted due to the toll the summer heat can take on your body. This is why it is important to keep up with your necessary vitamins to prevent a lack of energy and hydration. One of the best ways to ensure you receive all the necessary vitamins is to administer them through an IV drip and a B12 shot. You probably need a vitamin infusion if you are experiencing low energy and dehydration during the summer months. You can have the necessary vitamins delivered to your door if you choose PureDropIV. 

What vitamins are necessary for the summer?

The good news is that many of these essential summer vitamins are included in our PureDropIV therapies. Powerful ingredients for the warm months include:

Vitamin C protects cells from damage caused by harsh light and air pollution. Also boosts the immune system, which can be weakened during travel. 

Vitamin B12 boosts cell immunity and cognitive function. Improves cardiovascular function and boosts energy and mood.

Zinc fights off infection and serves as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Boosts immune response

Vitamin B Complex aids in dehydration, low energy, and brain fog. Important when trying to keep up with summer activities 

Maintaining your health is especially important in the warmer months. The best way to do this is to ensure you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling your best. Luckily, this is made easy with PureDropIV as we have more than a 90% success rate in IV administration on the first attempt, and your body gets access to a massive concentration of nutrients it needs.

Booking Your B12 Shot Today

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