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Revitalize Your Cellular Health with NAD+ Injections

Experience the ultimate boost in wellness with our premium NAD+ injections at PureDropIV. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a powerful coenzyme playing a crucial role in cellular metabolism and energy production. Our NAD+ therapy is designed to enhance your mental clarity, increase energy levels, and improve overall cellular health.

Ingredients: 100mg NAD+


Ingredients: IV Fluids, Electrolytes, 250mg NAD+


Quick Answers to Common Questions

How long does a NAD IV treatment take?

NAD+ IV therapy treatments take approximately two and half hours for a standard 250mg dose. As your dose is increased, the time required to infuse the NAD+ will need to be increased to avoid unwanted and uncomfortable side effects. PureDropIV has researched and tested various NAD+ IV therapy infusion rates and methods. We have determined that the safest, most positive NAD+ experience is one that mitigates side effects such as a racing heart, nausea, and anxiety. There is simply no need to experience discomfort during your treatment. More importantly, our nurses are expertly trained to be able to discern between expected side effects and potential adverse events to keep you safe and comfortable. 

Who administers the NAD+ IV treatment?

Just like our Vitamin IV therapy treatments, PureDropIV sends a BSN educated Registered Nurse to administer your NAD+ IV therapy treatment. Once our nurses have a firm grasp on the process of providing in-home Vitamin IV therapy, they will sit through a one-on-one, hands on and didactic training session to learn the ins and outs of providing you with the best NAD+ IV therapy experience possible. 

How do I know if NAD+ is right for me?

NAD+ IV therapy has generally been found to be safe for all adults. However, NAD+ IV therapy may interact with treatments for certain conditions or make those treatments less effective. PureDropIV aims to provide the safest care for all clients and will not provide NAD+ for:

·         Clients with a history of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, or arrhythmias

·         Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding

·         Clients with kidney or liver disease

·         Clients with bipolar diagnoses or those taking anti-psychotic classes of medications

·         Clients who have been diagnosed with blood clots 

·         Clients currently receiving chemotherapy

·         Clients with MTHFR gene mutation

If you ever have questions about whether or not NAD+ IV therapy is right for you, please feel free to reach out to our main line and we can connect you with our Clinical Operations team to discuss your NAD+ IV therapy treatment plan.

How often can I get a NAD+ IV treatment?

Everyone is different! You can receive NAD+ IV Therapy treatments on a weekly basis if desired. Many clients feel the effects of NAD+ IV therapy treatments for longer periods of time and will schedule their NAD+ IV therapy treatments on a monthly schedule. 

How do I choose the right NAD+ dosage?

It is recommended that clients start with 250mg of NAD+ until they understand how it affects their body. PureDropIV offers clients the option of increasing their NAD+ dosage in 50mg increments up to 500mg total. Once you have become accustomed to NAD+, you can slowly increase your dose over time to enhance your results. 

What can I expect from a NAD+ IV treatment?

NAD+ IV therapy take at least two and a half hours. We recommend being prepared with a blanket, snacks, a good movie, or some work to keep you occupied while your nurse monitors your heart rate and blood pressure and adjusts your drip rate as needed to keep you comfortable. 

It is important to understand that NAD+ IV therapy stimulates the production of ATP, which is fuel source for cells. The side effects experienced with NAD+ IVinfusions may not be entirely preventable, but your nurse will do their best to ensure that any side effects are manageable. 

What is the difference between NAD+ oral supplements and NAD+ IV Therapy?

Just like oral vitamin supplements, NAD+ oral supplements must go through the digestive process before reaching your cells. Absorption rates vary from person to person and can fluctuate based on your current state of health. This means that NAD+ levels will take a longer time to reach the desired levels, and the results will be less noticeable.  

Oral NAD+ supplements have become trendy and can be found all over the internet. As with all supplements, there is less rigorous oversight regarding the claims that companies make about what their product contains and can do for you. IV formulations of NAD+ are much more closely regulated and require adoctor’s signature to order. 

What’s the difference between a NAD+ IV treatment and a Vitamin IV treatment?

Vitamins are micronutrients that our body needs in order to function from day-to-day. A balanced intake of vitamins is necessary for energy production, cognitive function, immunity, growth and development. Vitamins must be taken in daily through the foods we eat, supplements, and the occasional Vitamin IV infusion. 

Like vitamins, NAD+ also plays a role in energy production, cognitive function, immune health, etc.. However, NAD+ is naturally made by your body and acts as a direct fuel source for the cellular activities that repair and protect cells frombecoming damaged. Cellular damage is a normal, unavoidable part of the human life cycle. As we age NAD+ levels begin to drop which allows cells to become damaged more easily and stay damaged. It is at this point that the aging process manifests itself in aches, fatigue, and other degenerative symptoms. 

Is there a recovery time required after a NAD+ IV treatment?

There is no required recovery time, though some clients report feeling tired immediately after their treatment before their energy levels increase. Clients can resume normal activities after their NAD+ IV therapy treatment!

Is NAD+ safe?

NAD+ is still being studied for efficacy in the treatment and management of avariety of disease processes and for its role in slowing down the aging process and protecting cells from damage that leads to aging and disease. With that said, studies have shown that NAD+ IV therapy does not harm users and is considered very safe.  

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The Science and Benefits of NAD Shots: A Deep Dive by PureDropIV

Reviewed by [Sarah Muniz, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Operations]

The world of health and wellness is ever evolving, and as our understanding of the human body expands, so do the treatments and therapies designed to enhance its functions. One such innovation is NAD Shots, a promising development in the realm of rejuvenation and cellular repair.


Understanding NAD and its Significance

NAD, short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a pivotal coenzyme present in every cell of our bodies. Its primary role involves driving metabolic reactions, essentially providing the energy our cells need to function efficiently. As we age, our NAD levels decline, potentially leading to an array of health issues ranging from fatigue to cognitive decline. Here’s where NAD Shots step in.

Why NAD+ Shots are Revolutionizing Wellness

NAD+ Shots, also known as NAD Injections, directly introduce NAD into the system, bypassing the digestive tract and ensuring maximum absorption. This results in various benefits, from DNA repair to enhanced cognitive function.

NAD Shot vs. IV: What’s the Difference?

While both methods aim to elevate NAD levels in the body, they differ in administration and absorption rates. IV infusions involve a continuous stream of NAD, while shots are quick, subcutaneous injections, offering a slower release.

PureDropIV’s NAD+ Administration Methods

At PureDropIV, we advocate for a comprehensive approach. Our recommendation often encompasses a monthly NAD+ IV infusion coupled with weekly or bi-weekly NAD+ SubQ injections. This combination ensures a steady level of NAD in the system, providing ongoing cellular support.

Exploring the Benefits of NAD Shots

Anti-Aging and DNA Repair

One of the most celebrated benefits of NAD is its ability to repair DNA, combatting the natural aging process. This can lead to better skin health, increased energy, and potentially a longer lifespan.

Boosted Cognitive Function

NAD Shots have shown potential in enhancing brain function. This not only translates to better focus and concentration but may also offer protection against neurodegenerative diseases.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, managing stress and anxiety is crucial. NAD can potentially help in regulating mood and reducing feelings of stress.

What to Expect with PureDropIV’s NAD+ Therapy

At PureDropIV, we prioritize client health and well-being. We ensure that our team of registered nurses is equipped with comprehensive training material, focusing on the safe and effective administration of NAD Shots.

Recommendations and Dosage

While the benefits of NAD are plentiful, like any treatment, it’s essential to follow recommended dosages and frequencies. Our guidelines suggest a monthly NAD+ IV infusion, supplemented by weekly or bi-weekly NAD+ shots. However, personal needs may vary, and our team is always on hand to offer tailored advice.

Potential Side Effects

Although NAD Shots offer a myriad of benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects. While these are typically mild and short-lived, understanding what to expect ensures a comfortable and informed experience. Here are some potential side effects to be aware of:

  • Muscle Tightness: Some individuals report a feeling of tightness in their muscles during or after receiving NAD+ shots.
  • Nasal Congestion: Mild congestion might be noticed post-administration.
  • Mild Headache: A transient headache can sometimes occur.
  • Increased Heart Rate & Blood Pressure: A temporary increase in heart rate or blood pressure may be observed in some individuals.
  • Chest Pressure: Some users report a feeling of pressure or tightness in the chest.
  • Anxiety: While NAD+ shots can aid in reducing stress, some individuals might experience transient feelings of anxiety post-administration.

It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional if any of these side effects persist or if they feel severe.


Contraindications are specific situations where a treatment might not be recommended because it could be harmful. For NAD+ therapies, both IV and Injection, here are some factors that might prevent someone from receiving the treatment:

  • Bipolar Diagnosis: Individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder may need to consult their primary healthcare provider before considering NAD+ treatments.
  • Use of Antipsychotic Medications: Those currently on antipsychotic drugs should discuss potential interactions or effects with their doctor.
  • Heart Concerns: People with arrhythmia, a history of heart attacks, chest pains, or other cardiovascular diseases should exercise caution.
  • Blood Clots History: Individuals who have had blood clots in the past might not be suitable candidates for this therapy.

Please note that this isn’t an exhaustive list. Always consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of action for your specific health situation.

The Future of Wellness with NAD+

With the continuous advancements in health and wellness, therapies like NAD Shots pave the way for a future of enhanced well-being, vitality, and longevity. At PureDropIV, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, offering our clients the very best in innovative health solutions.

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